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Photo: The North Pier

User: Multiple

Taken: July 17, 2011

Used: Multiple Dates

Camera: Canon Rebel Xsi & EF-S 18-55mm lens

Location: Manitowoc, WI

After retiring from the Navy, I returned home to Wisconsin in the summer of 2011, with my Canon Rebel Xsi(also called the 450D).  It was my first camera with interchangeable lenses.  I was just starting to get serious about photography and this was my first photo to "wow" me.  Thanks to:

- The Lakeshore Autism Society in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for using this photo on their "Who We Are" webpage in 2017.

- Manitowoc County Wisconsin for using this photo in the slideshow at the top of their webpage.  I love when the hometown area uses these photos!

Photo: Contrast

User: MSN Lifestyle

Taken: September 19, 2017

Used: February 27, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D mkii & EF 24-105mm lens

Location: Alexandria, VA

This photo, taken in Alexandria, VA, is one of many different and very cool doors and front patios.  It has become one of my favorite places to walk when I don't know what or where to shoot.  EVERY time I go to Alexandria, I come back with photos!  Thank to MSN Lifestyle and Anna Tobin for using this photo in their February 27, 2018 article entitled "29 Fabulous Front Door Ideas for Every Style and Budget."

Photo: Oregon Street

User: & Livability Magazine

Taken: March 31, 2016

Used: February 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF 70-300mm DO lens

Location: El Paso, TX

This is the interstate passing through downtown El Paso, TX.  I was hoping to capture the busy feeling of the downtown area with not too much blur on the vehicle.  Thank you to for using this photo in their 2018 Livability El Paso issue for an article called "Moving Right Along" on Page 30.

Photo: The Summit

User: Deutsch Perfect Magazine

Taken: January 7, 2013

Used: February 2018

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i & EF-S 10-22mm lens

Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

This was taken on a trip to Germany in 2013, it is the summit of the highest peak in Germany called the  Zugspitze.  It was used for an advertisement in the the February 2018 issue of Deutsch Perfect (on the bottom of the page).  The captions says, "The Zugspitze is not only the highest German mountain and a dream destination for many tourists. Almost 3000 meters above sea level, many things happen that visitors do not expect."

Photo: Margherita


Taken: September 13, 2017

Used: February 13, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & EF24-105 lens

Location: Alexandria, Virginia

This was taken in a northern Virginia pizzeria, while their other pizzas are very good they're aren't authentic; but this pizza margherita is the real deal.  It is probably the best margherita I've had in the United States.  So good I had to get a photo!  Thanks to for using this photo on February 13, 2018 in an article in their Restaurant Insider section called, "How a Deaf-Owned Restaurant is Hoping to Change the Service Industry, One Franchise at a Time."

Dependents 2

Photo: Dependents 2

User: Centurion Project

Taken: October 3, 2017

Used: November 2017

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & EF24-105 lens

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Taken at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC), an amazing place.  Whenever I shoot photos here my number one goal is to stay out of the way, after that get the photos I want.  I've read there are photographers, not authorized by ANC who try shoot funerals or grieving family members.  I stay away from any of that stuff, there's plenty of other great photos to be there.  Many thanks to the Centurion Project for using this photo on their website in the section entitled, "The Real Meaning: Memorial Day" in November 2017.

Before the Sun

Photo: Before the Sun


Taken: December 20, 2017

Used: January 16, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & EF70-300 DO lens

Location: Manitowoc, WI

Some sunrises or sunsets are better than others, this one was really cool.  The sun was coming up in Manitowoc, WI over the south pier and this appeared for about a minute.  Thanks to for selecting this for Wisconsin in their January 16, 2017 article entitled, "Sunrise Pictures: The Top Spot in Every US State."

Photo: The Four

User: Killian Branch Farms

Taken: November 17, 2017

Used: January 2018

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & Tamron 150-600 G2 lens

Location: Mason Neck, VA

Shortly after arriving in Virginia, I started photographing some of the horses in nearby fields and frankly, they amazed me.  I've never really been around horses, I've learned that if you stand quietly they can be curious.  The clicking shutter sometimes gets their attention, some could care less about me and others come closer.  These four started off far away and grazed closer and closer till they were in range for this shot.  Thank you Killian Branch Farm in Clermont, Georgia for using this photo on your web page!

Photo: Flag Waving

User: Multiple

Taken: October 23, 2017

Used: Multiple Dates

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & EF70-300mm DO lens

Location: Washington, DC

While visiting DC, trying to get photos of the White House, this guy carry an American flag just stood in front of me. This happens all the time, people see me shooting and, seemingly on purpose, stand in front, right in front... Normally, walking away or waiting for them is what I do. However, this time I saw this shot and it came out better than any of the others taken.  Many Thanks to:

- The Senior Correspondent website for their February 23, 2018 article entitled, "Another Look at America's Heros." for using my photo in their article called, "Some Super Bowl champions are skipping the White House visit" on February 5, 2018.

- for using this photo on their website for their section called, "WHITE HOUSE INSIDER Getting Down To Real Policy." 

- Sarah Schuster of The Mighty for her article regarding an unfortunate incident at the White House on March 3, 2018.  The story was also picked up by Yahoo! Lifestyle and MSN.

Photo: Country Road


Taken: June 29, 2016

Used: February 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Surry County, VA

Thanks to for using this photo at the Surry County Community Center page! In the summer of 2016 I was driving around the Norfolk area, had just visited Williamsburg and Jamestown because I'm a history nerd and it's what we do... I ended up in Surry County and was just literally driving down dirt roads looking for shots like this.

Photo: 1600 PA Ave

User: Multiple

Taken: October 23, 2017

Used: Multiple

Camera: Canon 6D Mark ii & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Washington, DC

The police had closed off the street in front of the White House on this Thursday morning when there weren't many people around and it made for a cool photo!  Thank you to:

- for their February 13, 2018 article entitled, 

"Pay Freeze, Familiar Retirement Cuts in Budget."

Fed Tech Magazine for using this photo "The White House Maps Out Vision for IT Modernization Centers of Excellence" by Phil Goldstein on January 11, 2018.

Photo: Boush Street

User: Norfolk Municipal Federal Credit Union

Taken: July 1, 2016

Used: January 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Norfolk, VA

Although Norfolk Municipal Federal Credit Union didn't show it when they used this photo, I was hoping to capture the intersection traffic and how there's this huge battleship just sitting in this urban center! Thank you for using this photo of the USS Wisconsin on your website!

Photo: Wisky

User: ALLSET Industries

Taken: June 30, 2016

Used: January 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Norfolk, VA

Thank you ALLSET Industries for using my photo on your website! The photo is a bow shot of the decommissioned USS Wisconsin (BB-64). The USS Wisconsin has been reactivated over the years and was decommission three times! Wisky [sic] was the nickname of the Wisconsin, she is now part of the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Norfolk, VA.

Photo: Walk the Dog

User: Yellowbook and the cities of Manitwoc & Two Rivers, WI

Taken: August 9, 2016

Used: January 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Two Rivers, WI

It's pretty cool starting off 2018 with my Wisconsin hometown using this photo for their 2018-2019 telephone book. Thank you Manitowoc and Two Rivers, as well as Yellow Book, for using this pic!  It was taken during summer when at home, this location was actually a backup plan. After getting mosquito bites in places I didn't know I had while shooting the lighthouse in Two Rivers, WI, I left for Neshotah Beach in hopes of not getting up early for nothing. It worked out and proved why you should always have a plan!

Photo: Checkers

User: Multiple

Taken: December 21, 2016

Used: Multiple Dates

Camera: Sony A7 & FE16-35mm lens

Location: El Paso, TX

I'm a huge fan of El Paso, Texas and love the way they are modernizing their downtown area and making it a place where people just want to hang out!  This was taken in San Jacinto Plaza in the heart of El Paso.  Thanks to:

-  Trulia and Jill K. Robinson for using this photo in their article called, "The Hottest Real Estate Markets to Watch in 2018" on December 27, 2017.

- ERA Real Estate for using this as one of their cover images on their website in 2017!

Photo: Praha

User: Art Tours LTD

Taken: January 5, 2013

Used: December 2017

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i & Tamron 28-300 lens

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is like no other city and this is a very typical view of the rooftops.  This was a cold and gloomy day, the weather helped to make the city features stand out.  Thank you to Art Tours LTD for using this photo for their destination Prague page in December 2017.

Photo: Naples Pano

User: Multiple  

Taken: October 13, 2013

Used: Multiple Dates

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i & EF40mm pancake lens

Location: Naples, Italy

This is one of my favorite photos and it hangs at our home.  Everything just seemed to work on this morning, from the sun projecting an orangish-red to the reflection of city lights on the Bay of Naples.  This shot was taken with a Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 lens also referred to as the "Pancake Lens,"  it's about the smallest and cheapest available (under $200) for Canon cameras.  This photo has been used by many companies, many thanks to:

- Maria Jans at the Check24 travel site for her article entitled, "Top 10 Dream Cities on the Mediterranean" on June 23, 2017, Naples came in at #4.

- Morini Car and Van Rental in Milan, Italy for using this photo on their website!

- TravelStart in Tanzania for using this photo on the their website.

- Long Travel in the UK for putting this on their website.

- Top Sailing Charter for using this on their "Yacht Charter in Naples" page.

- Gold Car travel site for using this on their "Aeropuerto de Napoles" page.

- Italian Gala website for using this on their "Weddings in Italy Naples" page.

Photo: Capitol 2

User: NHome Texas Magazine

Taken: December 18, 2016

Used: December 6, 2017

Camera: Sony A7r & 24-240mm lens

Location: El Paso, TX

This Christmas photo was taken at San Jacinto Plaza in downtown El Paso, Texas on December 6, 2017.  Many thanks to NHome Texas Magazine for using this in their Nov-Dec 2017 issue on page 60!

Photo: Capitol 2

User: Neugerger-Berman Investments

Taken: October 26, 2017

Used: November 19, 2017

Camera: Canon 6D mkii & Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens

Location: Washington, DC

This was taken near the National Mall in Washington DC, I thought it would be good to look for unconventional DC shots of buildings but also show the seasons.  Thank to Neuberger-Berman Investments for using this photo for their November 19, 2017 article entitled, "Taxing Questions for Bond Investors" by Brad Tank. 

Photo: Bella Napoli 2

User: Newcastle Herald  

Taken: September 17, 2013

Used: October 27, 2017

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i & Tamron 28-300mm lens

Location: Naples, Italy

Thank you Emma Elsworthy and the Newcastle Herald for using this photo in "Five incredible under-the-radar European cities that have to be seen to be believed" on October 27, 2017. 

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