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7 Questions:

1) Where are you from?

Courtesy of the US Navy Music Program, I've lived in Naples, Italy for many years, Guam, and Yokosuka, Japan as well.  Also lived at  many locations in the United States.  However, I was born and raised in Manitowoc, WI but left there when I joined the Navy in 1981.  I go back every couple of years and it's become one of my favorite photo locations as well.

2) Where do you live now?

Yokosuka, Japan now with my wife and family, by December 2021 I'll be living in El Paso, Texas.

3) What is the best advice you've ever been given?

In the military it was "never be the senior person with a secret."  It served me very well and I've always passed it along to military folks.  I'm not sure how I'd adapt that to civilian life, maybe never be that person, or that family member, with a secret.  

4) If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

I've been asked this by lots of people, even though I lived in Italy for 17 years it would have to be Rome!  Been there so many times while living in Naples but I'd take any opportunity to go back.  It's probably the most amazing place I've been in my life and never gets old.  Great food, people, never ending camera fun, Rome is simply incredible!

5) Why don't you shoot portraits?

The short answer is because I don't like shooting them aside from my kids and friends and family.  The longer answer is a little in depth, shooting portraits isn't as interesting as other areas of photography, and I have little desire for it.  It's thrilling to turn an every day item in to the subject of a photo, something that becomes a captured moment, preserved by the camera, during a split second in time.  The other part of the answer is that I've been retired now for 10+ years and shoot solo 99% of the time; that means shooting when, where, and how I want.  Shooting portraits involves someone else's schedule and means surrendering what I love, time.  While doing pretty well selling stock photography, I never got in to photography for the money, it appealed because it uses the creative senses much like music did.  I have no desire for appointments, clients, or an office; I got all that out of my system in the Navy.

6) What interesting things have happened while you've been out shooting?

I loved shooting at Arlington National Cemetery.  When I first started going there, I would enter through the visitor center and go through security like the tourists.  That was before I discovered as a military retiree I could enter the cemetery from Fort Myers and have free parking.  One day I was entering through the visitor center, going through the metal detectors and the security guard had my pack in the machine for a bit and was moving it back and forth, I knew this couldn't be good.  Then he said, "Sir, can you open the bag please" and took me to a side table.   Oh no, I thought maybe I forgot to out my Swiss Army Knife or the mace I usually carried.  So I put the bag on the table, opened it, and the security guard said, "is that the new Tamron 100-600mm lens?"  I said, "The G2?  Ah, yessss....."  He asked, "what do you think of it?"  I just started laughing and he told me he was thinking about getting one.

7) Where is your favorite place to shoot?

Hands down, White Sands National Park.  It's an ever changing place, the weather, sun, clouds, with people, without people, all make it an interesting place on top of it's natural beauty!  It's a magical place to say the least.

My Bio

    I'm a husband, dad of three, retired US Navy, and self taught photographer originally from Manitowoc, WI. While currently living in Yokosuka, Japan we will eventually reside in El Paso, TX in 2021. Since 2017 I've been shooting mostly stock photography and my photographic interests vary. Currently, I'm a stock photo contributor for Adobe Stock, iStock by Getty Images, Alamy, and a few other companies.  My photos appear in numerous publications and websites, visit "Stock Photography" in the menu to view some of them.

    My interest in photography began shortly after joining the Navy in 1981.  I had the honor of serving as a musician in the US Navy Music Program for 30 years and visited much of the world. However, photography was short lived because film was too expensive for my salary.  Being younger and smarter than I am today, I felt it was wiser to spend my money on beer and pizza while living in Europe rather than waste it capturing life's precious memories through photography. It was tough when I sold my Canon AE1 Program after a few years because when I bought it the price was more than I made in a month. While life in Navy Music had me on the road throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, I did little photography. Finally, in 2006 I became interested in digital photography and have been hooked ever since. After retiring from the Navy in 2011, I spent a few rewarding years as an adjunct US History professor. However, it's the challenges of the camera that draw me toward photography.  It's much like that of a musical instrument, I learn something new every time I pick it up. The camera, like the trombone, has been both humbling and challenging.  Once the shutter clicks, a moment in time is preserved, so the challenge is to get it right the first time. 

    Every day I attempt to apply the lessons learned from music toward the camera.  As a musician since the mid 1970's, I was fortunate to play with incredible people (see my Fandalism page).  The common denominator is that an instrument and a camera both require practice to improve. Photography now fills the part of my life once occupied by music. It's also become somewhat of a family affair and when out shooting, it's normally with my wife and kids; without my wife's support this little obsession would be just something else I'd just like to be doing.  Although I've gone through camera bags and cameras like most people change socks, she's always been there for me in 'life after Navy' and for that, I give her many thanks and much love! πŸ’–   

    My photos are available for purchase here, just look for the "BUY" button to get started; no watermarks will appear on purchases. They are also available at the websites at the top left and right of this site.  At my BLOG , I write about gear, travels, where I'm shooting, back stories on some photos, or something that gets my attention.  Please feel free to contact me, comment on photos, or sign the guest book

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