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          Upfront, there is NO other company that I've used consistently since 2012.  In fact, for me, there aren't many perform like Peak Design.  No matter if you're talking quality of product, customer service, or lifetime guarantees, they've consistently exceeded all expectations - period!  I've been using their gear since 2012 or 2013 when I got tired of switching my wrist cuff to put the plate on for tripod use.  I couldn't believe there was nothing out there!  I found a Kickstarter project that did just this, I back it and it worked as advertised.  Amazing, this compony stuck around after they sold their product, then slowly came out with another!  Here's a short VIDEO that I made demonstrating the use of these products.  Since then, there is simply no time when I shoot that my camera isn't on, or in, PD gear.  They have incredible camera bags that can be used for more than photography, the best multi-purpose camera carrying system, an incredible tripod, and great selection of versatile travel bags and inserts.  All PD products are guaranteed for life!  Once I had a bolt break on a Capture, when I notified PD they didn't just replace the bolt, they sent me the a whole new Capture.  I was using the original 2013 Capture Version 1 and they sent me their latest Version 3, the 2020 product!  I'm not special, I've read of them doing similar replacements for others!  PD actually reaches out to their subscribers, and backers on KickStarter, for input on future products.  Peak Design does customer service the way it's supposed to be done!  There is no better company out there for me.       

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     Until about a year ago, when I needed canvas prints there was a certain company I had been using for years.  They were a good company and I'm not going to knock or bash them in any way.  Why would I stop using them if they were good?  Well, because I found Canvas People.  They applied the same quality can care toward my photos for a little less money and that's always a good thing.  When I first tried them I was a little skeptical but once the product arrived I was won over.  Mixed in with the photos below are three I've had done with them that hang on the wall in our house, Canvas People are now my go-to company for canvas prints.  They also have awesome sales, quick shipping, canvas collages, and also have more than just canvas prints.  They sell face masks, pillows, mugs, blankets, and more!    This is a quality product for a great price, with quick shipping, what more could you want from a print company?  They also offer other mediums and next for me is to try a metal print!  For more information, or to purchase your first canvas, click the link below or logo above.

          Like most photographers, I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for my editing, but I also use Luminar AI by Skylum.   In fact, Luminar AI has become as essential to my workflow as Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop have been! It allows me to take my photos to the next level with detail and color. Also, while I'm not a fan of dropping in new skies in my photos, I'll admit that I do it.  When a photo's natural sky just doesn't work and I've tried other things that equally don't work, with Luminar AI it takes longer for me to find the right sky than it does actually replacing it! Plus I've taken photos of hundreds of my own skies that I'm easily able to use in the event that I need them.  Luminar AI takes my photography to a creative place I can't achieve with Adobe products alone.  Below are two examples with my photos that shows what Luminar AI can do for you.  This is another company that actively reaches out to user about future products or features.  Click the link below or logo above to see Luminar AI and visit other Skylum products!

     What does this have to with photography?  Well, hear me out.  I've been gradually trying to become a minimalist in my own way with aspects of my life.  Carrying a big fat wallet everywhere I shoot becomes a pain so I began looking in to something smaller.  My wallet needs have changed, I used to carry cash, now with reward points and out of convenience, I've migrated to mostly cards.  My Ekster aluminum wallet checks all the boxes, carries up to 15 cards, has a money clip, RFID protection, and super sleek!  Not to mention, built like a tank.  Cutting down the items I carry in my pockets falls in to line with carrying less lenses, less gear in the camera bags, and less in general.  It's been working for me and should be a winner for you too, not to mention you can make your wallet trackable.  Get $15 off your first order by scanning the QR code below in the photos!

                         Canon EOS R                                   

                           Unedited                        New sky - Luminar AI

                       iPhone 12 mini                                                                         

               Unedited                               New sky - Luminar AI

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