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Thanksgiving 1 appeared on the November 2018 cover of Postcards Magazine.  A door decorated with a Thanksgiving themed wreath taken in Alexandra, VA.  Seriously, Old Town Alexandria is one of my absolute favorite places for wandering the streets!

Supreme Court 1 was on the cover of The Kentucky Bar Association's magazine, The Advocate, of  their September-October 2018 issue.  This was my very first photo of the US Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC and I wish I had taken more...

Boush Street appeared on the Spring/Summer 2018 cover of Homefront Magazine, a military magazine in Hampton Roads, VA. The photo was taken on Boush Street near the USS Wisconsin in downtown Norfolk, VA.

Strawberry Slices appeared in the December 2017 Everyday Objects book by Gurushots (page 99). This was shot by light painting, in a darkened room and shining a light in different areas and combining photos. I may do more of this in the future...

The Fifties appeared on the April 2017 cover of The Road Trip Issue of National Geographic Traveller India. This is a composite photo where my photo of the car was used and inside the hubcap of the car was placed another image. Couldn't have been more thrilled when I saw this for the first time! Thank you NATGEO! 🥂

IB Sunset #3 was in the July 2015, The Exposure Award: The Sky Collection book by SeeMe (page 63). A sunset in Imperial Beach, CA near San Diego. Sunsets just don't get any better than in the San Diego area.

Phone Books!

Landing on the cover of phone books is kind of cool and unexpected.  I never find out about these on my own and it's been family members, familiar with my photos, who spot these.  They sell like any other stock photo, through an ad agency.  Unless someone tells me, I won't see them.  Thank you family!!

This Photo, Sundown, used on the 2018 El Paso, TX Yellow Pages was taken from Murchison Park on Transmountain Road in El Paso, TX.  The version on the phone book has had all trademarked and copyrighted material removed, mostly noticeable on the Well Fargo Building with the "150" in red lights.

Walk the Dog was used on the 2018 Manitowoc-Two Rivers, WI Yellowbook was taken at Neshotah Park in Two Rivers, WI.  I set up to take this photo and when I was ready to go the guy with the riding beach cleaning machine showed up.  Great...  he got out of view and I took this, then noticed this guy in the photo and kept shooting.  This ended up being the coolest one!

Morning Rays was used on the cover of the 2018 Manitowoc, WI Area Yellow Pages.  It was taken overlooking Manitowoc's south pier.  The user of the photo flipped it horizontally.  I never paid much attention to sunrises in my hometown until I got in to photography...

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