Photo: Abe's Other Side

User: Facty.com

Taken: March 19, 2018

Used: April 11, 2019

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 16-35mm lens

Location: Washington, DC

One of the greatest things about living near Washington, DC was the ability to see the incredible sights often.  However, it became difficult to photograph these famous sites in a new way.  I was attempting to make this photo more about everything except this famous statue of Abraham Lincoln.  Many thanks to Susie at Facty for using this in her article, "Things To Avoid In Washington, D.C." on April 11, 2019.

Photo: Spreckels

User: Vacation Idea.com

Taken: November 5, 2016

Used: February 2019

Camera: Sony A7rii & FE16-35mm lens

Location: Coronado, CA

I lived in Coronado, CA for about 6 years, on and off, between 2007-2017 and loved it.  It's a beautiful place and in the middle of the city is Spreckel's Park.  This is one of many shots taken while I lived there, would be great to live there again someday...  Many thanks to VacationIdea.com for using this in the article from February 2019 entitled, "25 Best Things to do in Coronado, California."  The photo is at number 7.

Photo: The Chesapeake

User: Zumper.com

Taken: November 25, 2017

Used: Multiple Dates

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 24-105mm lens

Location: Baltimore, MD

When we lived in Fort Belvoir, VA we took a few trips, day trips and overnighters, to some pretty cool places.  One of those was to Baltimore, MD and the Inner Harbor.  There you can rent these 2-4 person paddle boats and peddle around the harbor.  While we were doing that I took this shot of the Chesapeake, a United States lightship which saw service from 1930-1971 and is now a museum. A big thank you to Zumper.com and Laura Bennet for her May 22, 2019 article, "15 Pros and Cons of Living in Baltimore."  She also used it again on October 7, 2019 for another Zumper piece called, "6 Baltimore Tourist Traps to Avoid (And 6 Places to Go Instead)."

Photo: Capitol 12

User: Janice Ellis

Taken: June 18, 2018

Used: September 28, 2018

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 24-105mm

Location: Washington, DC

I tried to photograph the US Capitol from just about every angle I could, living near Washington, DC was such a great experience!  A special thank you to award winning author, speaker, and columnist Janice Ellis for using this photo on her website back in September 28, 2018 for her article, "Do You Approve of What Is Happening in Washington."

Photo: PB & J

User: Bien Etre & Santé Magazine

Taken: October 15, 2017

Used: May 10, 2018

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 24-105mm lens

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Sometimes when out with the family I take photos of our food, well, my family would probably say 'most times', but even a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks pretty cool through the lens!  Many thanks to the French wellness and health magazine, Bien Etre & Santé, for using this in their May 10, 2018 article "7 good ideas for a light aperitif." 

Photo: Border City Pano

User: GuestLife Publications

Taken: December 3, 2018

Used: July 11, 2019

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & EF70-300mm lens

Location: El Paso, TX

Although I'm from Wisconsin, I'll be living in El Paso once my wife retires, so I go there often.  Whenever I'm there I try to go to Murchison Park on Scenic Drive and shoot a few sunsets and night shots.  The view is great as the park sits on the end of the Franklin Mountains, on the weekends there's usually a food truck up there serving something good.  Overall, El Paso is a very under-rated city in my opinion.  After living all over, I can honestly say EP has a lot to offer!  Thank you to GuestLife Publications for using this in their GuestLife El Paso & Southern New Mexico issue on July 11, 2019.

Photo: Supreme Court 9

User: The Daily Dot

Taken: June 26, 2018

Used: September 28, 2018

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 16-35mm lens

Location: Washington, DC

The first time I went to shoot the US Supreme Court Building I had no idea what to expect. There were many people just like me, cameras out shooting and standing by the sidewalk, and a few reporters.  Everyone was being cool because this is THE US Supreme Court!  There was nothing keeping us on the sidewalk, no barrier or signs, just security guards.  I walked over to the guard and said, "is ok for me to walk up to the building to take photos?" and he replied, "take all the photos you want, it's public property."  Really?  So I walked around shooting everything I wanted, shortly after that, everyone else did too.  Whenever I'd go back, I noticed this pattern, everyone sits back by the sidewalk shooting until someone either asks a guard or just flat out walks up to the building testing the waters.  Just a side note, I recommend asking a security guard anywhere before shooting, it's the courteous thing to do and could prevent an a$$ whooping...

Many thanks to The Daily Dot and Monica Riese for using this in her September 28, 2018 article, "Just wait for confirmation hearings in the age of Facebook."

Photo: Riders

User: Parents Magazine

Taken: June 30, 2016

Used: April 29,2019

Camera: Canon 6D & 24-105mm lens

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Walking around Williamsburg, Virginia is always a treat and as a history buff, I could spend days here doing nothing...  Thank you to Karen Cicero and Parents.com for using this on April 29, 2019 in their article, "4 Family-Friendly Mini Vacations."

Photo: Burritos Verdes

User: Post Crescent (Part of USA Today Network)

Taken: March 27, 2018

Used: July 16, 2019

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 50mm lens

Location: Mount Vernon, VA

Sometimes when I know I'm going to eat some good food I'll take the camera along.  Since Mexican food is basically a work of art anyway, I took it to one of my favorite spots in Virginia.  I've said this before, but I LOVE when my photos get used at home, Appleton is a short drive from my hometown and I used to go there often...  Thanks to the Appleton Post-Crescent and Maureen Wallenfang for using this in her article on July 16, 2019 entitled, "Reader question: Are there any good sit down Tex-Mex restaurants in the Fox Valley? Yes, Tex-Mex is different than Mexican food." 

Photo: SD Bay

User: San Diego RV Resort

Taken: June 26, 2017

Used: 2018

Camera: Sony A7rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: San Diego, CA

This photo was taken from a sailboat in San Diego Bay and show the shores of Coronado, CA. I added the sun spots to the left for effect and when I shot it tried to give the impression it was actually sailing but the reality is that it's tied up to a pier.  Thanks to the San Diego RV Resort for using this on their "What's Happening in San Diego" page in 2018!

Photo: Why?

User: Unocero

Taken: July 2, 2016

Used: March 1, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & 24-105mm lens

Location: Somewhere between Virginia & Texas

I titled this photo Why? Why that name? Because I was on a flight from Virginia to Texas and each seat had a television, mine was broke... I asked the high school girl sitting next to me if she would switch seats with me since she wasn't using her tv (she played her iPad). The entire plane was dark and this high school kid sitting next me, playing with her iPad, gave me a dirty look when I cracked the shade to take a peak outside. That was my cue to leave it open, play with my camera for a while, take some photos while enjoying the view from Norfolk to Dallas... B-)

Thanks to the Mexican website Unocero for using this photo in an advertisement, "Descubre Samsung Pay y gana un vuelo!" (Discover Samsung Pay and win a flight!) on March 1, 2018.

Untitled photo

Photo: White House Rays

User: The Regulatory Review

Taken: February 27, 2018

Used: February 4, 2019

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 24-105mm lens

Location: Washington, DC

Taken on a cold wintery day shooting in to the sun, just trying something different.  Many of these "trying something different" shot never see the light of day and some work.  There are quite literally millions of shot of The White House that you have to try new things to get your stock photos seen, like shooting in to the sun...  Many thanks to The Regulatory Review and Bruce Levinson for using this photo in the February 4, 2019 article entitled, "OIRA Reinvigorated."

Photo: Country Road

User: askHRgreen.org

Taken: June 29, 2016

Used: February 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Surry County, VA

Thanks to askHRgreen.org for using this part of this photo at the Surry County Community Center page! In the summer of 2016 I was driving around the Norfolk area, had just visited Williamsburg and Jamestown because I'm a history nerd and it's what we do... I ended up in Surry County and was just literally driving down dirt roads looking for shots like this.

Photo: Supreme Court 10

User: Brennan Center for Justice 

Taken: October 3, 2018

Used: November 28, 2018

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & 24-70mm lens

Location: Washington, DC

If I ever go back to DC, I'm going to shoot this building close up, far away, night, day, sunrise, sunset, and in any weather condition.  If you've looked through the previous pages you'll see that it sells.  Thanks to the Brennan Center for Justice and authors Priya Raghavan & Bryan Furst for using this in their November 28, 2018 article, "SCOTUS Could Offer Protections From Excessive Fines Imposed by States."

Photo: Baby Blue

User: The Wright Firm

Taken: April 30, 2017

Used: August 28, 2017

Camera: Sony A7Rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: Coronado, CA

One of my favorite subjects is cars, this was taken at the 2017 Motorcars on Mainstreet held in Coronado, CA. Thanks to The Wright Firm in Maryland for using this photo for their August 28, 2017 article entitled, "Transferring Motor Vehicles To Living Trusts" by Richard Wright.

Photo: Flags 9

User: CBS News

Taken: April 30, 2017

Used: July 4, 2017

Camera: Sony A7Rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: Coronado, CA

Thank you Jerry Edgerton at CBS News for using this photo of a late 1940's ice cream truck in his article, "7 of the best cars made in the USA" on July 4, 2017. No memory of the make and model, but it was taken at Motorcars on Main Street in Coronado, CA.  Love seeing one of mine used on CBS News!

Photo: Spacca Napoli

User: Digital Photography School

Purpose: Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Italy

Taken: November 11, 2011

Camera: Canon Rebel XSi & EF-S18-55mm kit lens

Location: Naples, Italy

This photo was used in a March 2012 article of the Digital Photography School called "Travel Photography Inspiration Project: Italy." This was the first photo I took that was used by someone else. I loved living in Italy and wish I could do it again, I miss it every day. 8-(

Photo: Chimichangas

User: MSN Lifestyle

Taken: September 18, 2015

Used: Multiple

Camera: Canon 6Dmkii & EF50mm lens

Location: Mount Vernon, VA

This was taken at a restaurant in Virginia, I wish I took my camera out more when I eat.  I like shooting food as it is presented at the restaurant and not staged, it seems to make for a more authentic photo.  Many thanks to:

- Rich Thomaselli of MSN Lifestyle who used this in his article, "The Signature Food Item to Try in Every State" on April 23, 2019. 

- Gabe Zaldivar at MSN Lifestyle for using this in his December 20, 2018 article entitled, "15 Ways To Eat Your Way Around Los Angeles."

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