🔴 Peerspace.com

It was incredible when I discovered that Peerspace.com rated me as one of The 8 Best Still Life Photographers in El Pasoon December 22, 2022!  Considering I haven't had much time to actually shoot in El Paso in 2022, this was a bit surprising.  Also, because I'm a self taught YouTube warrior, so this means a lot personally, THANK YOU Peerspace!! 

The article can be found at:


🔴 Marika Magazine

This short interview, along with selection for the cover of Marika Magazine, appeared in December 2022.  The subject of the piece was Worldly Nature and I included shots from many of the places I've lived.  Kind of cool...

Untitled photo

🔴 The Style Researcher

This interview was done as part of a feature of my photos by The Style Researcher and appeared in Issue 26, Volume 1, December 2022 (a hard copy magazine).  This fashion magazine from Italy, published a series of photos from my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  I honestly didn't think photos of only Manitowoc would get published, but they did and I was thrilled!

🔴 The Crazy Mind 2

This was the second interview done with The Crazy Mind, this one on August 21, 2016 and about about six months before starting to shoot stock photography.  The interview can be found at:  https://www.thecrazymind.com/2016/08/bill-chizek-photography.html

🔴 The Crazy Mind 1

This interview was done on May 7, 2016, by a website called The Crazy Mind.  It took place the year before starting to shoot stock photography.  The interview can be found at:  


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