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The Plaza


Photo: Walk the Dog

User: Yellowbook

Taken: August 9, 2016

Used: January 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & EF24-105mm lens

Location: Two Rivers, WI

Photo: Morning Rays

User: Yellow Pages

Taken: December 19, 2017

Used: 2018

Camera: Canon 6D mkii & Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens

Location: Manitowoc, WI

Although these are two separate photos used by different companies, they're related.  It was pretty cool starting off 2018 with my Wisconsin hometown using these photos for their 2018-2019 Manitowoc Area telephone book AND Yellow Pages!  A huge thank you to Yellow Book and Yellow Pages as well as the cities of Manitowoc and Two Rivers, Wisconsin for using my photos!  

This was taken when I went home during summer of 2016, this location was actually a backup plan. After getting mosquito bites in places I didn't know I had while shooting the lighthouse in Two Rivers, WI, I left for Neshotah Beach in hopes of not getting up early for nothing. It worked out and proved why you should always have a plan!

Although this photo looks like summer, it's actually a winter photo from December 2017.  It was also the first time I shot in actual cold weather, it was -17 degrees and I set up my tripod in a snowbank, five minutes later my fingers couldn't feel the touch screen and the camera battery was just about gone.  The photo has been flipped horizontally from the original.

Photo: Two Flags

User: The Regulatory Review

Taken: February 27, 2018

Used: April 16, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D mkii & EF 70-300 DO Lens

Location: Washington, DC

I love to try to capture different angles while taking photos at the White House, it's pretty difficult to do considering how much it's been photographed...  Thank you to The Regulatory Review for using this on April 16, 2018 for an article entitled "Can President Trump Get Rid of Robert Mueller?"

Photo: Patriotic 5

User: Barbee Jackson Insurance

Taken: May 13, 2017

Used: April 2018

Camera: Sony A7Rii & 50mm lens

Location: San Diego, CA

Photo: Fish Tacos


Taken: June 19, 2017

Used: 2018

Camera: Sony A7Rii & 50mm lens

Location: Imperial Beach, CA

I took this at one of my favorite Mexican food places in Imperial Beach, CA.  Thank to the travel website TravelStart Kenya for using this in their Book Cheap Flights to Cancún in the "Why Visit Cancún" section.

Photo: The Crowd


Taken: September 16, 2017

Used: 2018

Camera: Canon 6D & 70-300mm DO lens

Location: Joint Base Andrews Air Show, Maryland

I took this of a USAF F-22 Raptor at the 2017 Air Show at Andrews Air Force Base.  The pilot was going through pre-flight check and I just snapped this not knowing how cool it looked till I got home.  Thanks to Eventhut for using this on their website in 2018.

Photo: Patriotic 16


Taken: August 14, 2017

Used: August 2017

Camera: Sony A7rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: Manitowoc, WI

Thanks to Citizens 4 how to buy an essay online Service Members (C4SM) for using this photo in August 2017 in their websites "Assistance to Family Members of Fallen Service Members Program" section.

Photo: Patriotic 26

User: Buzzfeed

Taken: November 28, 2017

Used: March 25, 2018

Camera: Canon 6D mkii & 24-105mm lens

Location: Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, Virginia is one of my favorite places for shooting patriotic photos and hunting for stock subjects.  You don't need a holiday, patriotism is everywhere in this city!  Many thanks to Marie Telling of Buzzfeed staff for using this photo in her article entitled, "

18 American Quirks That Are Actually Kinda Weird" on March 25, 2018.

Photo: SD Bay

User: San Diego RV Resort

Taken: June 26, 2017

Used: 2018

Camera: Sony A7rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: San Diego, CA

This photo was taken from a sailboat in San Diego Bay and show the shores of Coronado, CA.  I added the sun spots to the left for effect.  Thanks to the San Diego RV Resort for using this on their "What's Happening in San Diego" page in 2018!

Photo: Patriotic 10

User: My Bank Tracker

Taken: May 28, 2017

Used: June 5, 2017

Camera: Sony A7rii & 24-240mm lens

Location: San Diego, CA

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