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The Ultimate Sacrifice

It's rewarding to see one of my photos used for something unique like this, and even more cool find it just before Memorial Day 2022.  Los Angeles based video game and film score composer Matt Miller used Patriotic 6 for his composition, The Ultimate Sacrifice.  Thank you so much for using my photo as at the backdrop for you beautiful piece of music!

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The Ingraham Angle

Thanks to The Ingraham Angle on Fox News for using this photo, Flags 6, in a promo for their new show in October 2017. The photo, appearing at 6 seconds in to the video, was taken in Coronado, CA and is actually a common street scene there. My wife had been telling me that she thought she had seen one of my photos on television, I thought she saw something that just looked like one of mine. Upfront, I try to watch news from different channels, always know your opponent, for this reason I do watch CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and others...  However, this morning I was watching Fox News and the commercial played.  It was very cool to see my pic on national television!  

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American Swamp

Thank you MSNBC for using this photo, US Capitol 16, in the opening of a promo spot for the series American Swamp.  The promo appeared on Twitter on August 5, 2019 and featured the late Congressman Elijah Cummings.  This is just one of the many shots taken of the US Capitol when I lived in northern Virginia.  Very cool that they used my shot, even if only for the first three seconds of the below video.  Again, I watch all the major news outlets, don't label me because my photos appeared on Fox News or MSNBC.  It's always difficult to find these pics used in videos, this was found by a reverse image search on Google.  

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Thank you to Buzzfeed for using this photo, Flags 1, for a video piece called, Weird Things That Only Make Sense To Americans.   This photo, appearing at 00.24 is the very first shot I took of American flags that started being used almost immediately.  I learned an important lesson on this day, prior to this I had driven the streets or Coronado, California looking for shots.  On this day I walked, it was completely different, and I was able to capture several shots that I probably had driven my many times.  

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Buzzfeed used Flags 1, for another video piece called, I Was A Russian Spy And Failed A Mission, and appears at 2:19.   This is about a former East German spy named Albrecht Dittrich, AKA Jack Philip Barsky who became a sleeper agent of the KGB and spied on the United States from 1978–1988. 

Click HERE to seethe full video

Center for Civic Education

The Center for Civic Education on YouTube used a couple of photos for their series titled 60 Second Civics.  Supreme Court 5 was used for opening of the episode Freedom of Expression Part 15: How Supreme Court Decisions Regulate Free Speech and the full video may be viewed HERE.  In the episode How Court Decisions Limit Free Exercise of Religion: Freedom of Religion, Part 4 the photo Supreme Court 16 also appeared at the opening and can be viewed HERE.  Shooting this incredible building is something I wish I had done more, these photos are some of the biggest sellers.

Supreme Court 5

Supreme Court 16

Think Tech Hawaii

A local television show in Hawaii, Think Tech Hawaii, has used Stormy White House numerous times for a backdrop for a political segment of their program.  The show's goal is to raise "public awareness about the importance of technology, energy, diversification and globalism to the future of Hawaii."  While living in northern Virginia, I used to walk the National Mall a couple of times a month and almost always made a stop the White House.  This is just is one of the many photos I took of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

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